The Animation Workshop; Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation -  2007 - present

         - School projects include:  "The Rumble in the concrete jungle", 2D, current bachelor film project

         Mount and Rider project, 3D, two week assignment in collaberation with CG artists at school

         "Jacuzzi Kingdom", 2D, short film project at school

Aalborghus Gymnasium - 2003-2006 - equivalent of High School/College Degree

Work experience:

"Heavy Heads", 2D, bachelor film project at The Danish Film School, - working three and a half months as character animator

"Puzzlelain", 3D, computer puzzle game, one month working as animator - part of

"Penneprøven", 2D, short film project in co-operation with The Danish Film School,


Ernest Le Linetest
Tv-paint Animation 9.0/9.5
Autodesk Maya 08/09/10
Adobe Photoshop

Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro